Privacy Policy

General Communications

I hold email addresses of present and past clients and workshop attenders if you have indicated that you wish me to keep in touch. I now send general and specific information about upcoming events via Mail Chimp and you can unsubscribe at any point. Events are also advertised on this website, the Transformational Breath Foundation UK website and on my facebook page. This website does not use cookies.

Any general email enquiry that does not lead to other professional contact will be removed from my email account. All emails are password protected.

Client Communication

I only hold client information beyond contact details in written form as hard copy and this is held in a locked cabinet protected by a combination code. I will hold these records for seven years after work with the client stops. The records will then be shredded.

I will only share information with a colleague or other health practitioner at the request of the client or with permission. This might happen if a client moves and seeks another practitioner or for purposes of professional consultation, for example with a GP about a known health condition.

Use of Data

I do not share data with anyone else and I do not sell data in any form. If any part of our work together or your answers to questions are to be used in research by the Transformational Breath Foundation UK you will know in advance and only if your permission has been sought and given.

I will endeavour to keep your details accurate and up to date and you can request changes to your name, address, telephone number etc at any time. You have a right to view copies of notes within three months of request and as these will be hard copies a charge will be made for safe posting.

I will take all steps to ensure safe storage of your data. Should any of your data be lost you will be informed immediately. The Information Commissioning Officer will also be informed within 72 hours as required by law.


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