Workshops for Autumn 2019

Here are two more opportunities for anyone who wants to be introduced to this simple, powerful and truly life-changing modality or just wants to refresh their practice.  Learn to breathe better, to relax deeper and to breathe yourself to greater resilience in the face of today's stresses and strains. Space is limited so booking is essential and you need to be mobile enough to climb one flight of domestic stairs. You may be in a small group or find you are having a one to one - all for £35. If you want to come with a friend or two then get in touch and ask about availability. It's a safe, relaxed way to sample this transformative modality.

Choose from Saturday 16th November  or Saturday 7th December both  2.30pm - 4.30 pm.

Cost: £35 

To book and get more information use contacts on this website or email